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Where Preparation Meets Opportunity

Our approach to delivering the power of data blends industry best practices, cutting-edge technologies, and proven national intelligence techniques to transform data into the powerful products you need to prepare for mission accomplishment.

Our products include:

  • Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Data Visualizations
  • Curated Datasets
  • Machine Learning Models
  • Data Catalogs
  • Custom Intelligence Hubs


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Practice Analysis

Thoughtful practice re-engineering and alignment positions businesses to effectively leverage one of their most valuable resources – data

Data Governance

Consistently applied “Data Rules” bring order to chaotic data and enable businesses to know, understand, and trust their data

Source Identification

Precise identification of originating sources of data establishes data credibility; Informed identification of complementary data sources improves analytics accuracy

Data Migration

Skillful movement of data from the originating source to the target analytics source enables scalability, faster data flow, and increases speed-to-intelligence

Data Integration

Selective integration of the right data creates a “single source of truth” to power advancing levels of analytics more efficiency and accurately

Data Storage

Mindful storage of data reduces risk and cost through improved data security, reliability, and availability (i.e., backup and recovery)

Data Analysis

Business-minded development of easy-to-understand data intelligence products quickly focuses the user on the most important data discoveries that impact their business

AI & Machine Learning

Cutting-edge AI/ML solutions identify trends and patterns in large volumes of data that humans are unable to detect and enable automation and optimization

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